The basics of playing

baccarat in Italian means zero. Baccarat card game presumably originated in France in the 19th century, but first appeared in By 1400, over 500 years later it became one of the leading casino games in Europe. It is a card game that is well known among the French royalty. Play bets between the dealer and the player, just like the current rules of play.

Baccarat Rules Choose to bet on the banker’s side The player’s side is always playing or stabbing. The dealer will deal 2 cards. Sometimes there may be either side to draw a 3rd card (3rd card rules). The cards drawn are 6 decks and are shuffled before the start of the game every time anyone who plays is close to 9. Considered as the winner

– the player whose total points close to 9 is the winner
– counting card points A is 1 point , KQJ is 0 , 2 -9 count according to that number
– Adding card points, such as 7+5=12, the resulting score is 2 or 4+6 = 10, the resulting score is 0 or K+4+3=7 points


– Banker bet pays 0.95 times
– Player bet Pay 1x
– Tie , Tie Pays 8x

bettors can play online baccarat games with online casino websites conveniently by just using their hands. Mobile or computer gambling makes your bets can be played anytime, 24 hours a day. But do not forget that gambling is risky. Play consciously and stop playing when the desired profit is achieved.