selection of thrusters

Recording statistics (score cards) recording statistics. Let’s record it as a table statistic. Not of the cards to be played, meaning that from the start of opening before placing Choose a table where the more cards have been drawn, the closer you are to running out of cards, the better. Then record the score of the cards to

keep as statistics of the tables that we choose to play. I like to play 2 tables. It is recommended to save 2 tables to switch back and forth when necessary. like playing at this table Another accurate greeting table. may switch to play another table and keep walking For example, this table has lost 4 sticks, let’s move on to another 5

sticks. Do not have to start at 1 or N or another meaning is to start N at 5 at all, if losing, continue to 6,7,8….In case the cards are sold out If you don’t want to wait, play other cards first. Wait for the table where the record is ready and then continue playing.

If playing with this technique There are 2 types of bet selection in each table:

  1. playing cards Who has a technique that can play as they like? Just ask to think more about what we are playing. In 4 types, what kind of cards are they called? How should it be placed? Mr. Mafia has summarized it very well. I can summarize 4 types which I think should cover every card. What kind of play do you choose? There must have been a sway. It should not be played with any kind of adhesion. adjust according to the layout
  2. Sticky If you see that you are following the stick figure, you are catching a dragon. He puts himself on and on until he gets two wrong eyes….to stop and think for a moment whether to follow the contact or not. (The decision would depend on the previous card as well) If you think you’re still playing a contact Then try one

more eye…if wrong. Instead, switch to playing a looser. Follow the body until it sticks out. So I play again. I play like this because often. We always play addicted Whatever came out without thinking Come to know again that we are gardening ping pong. Especially if you see a long ping pong. will have to walk high Or it comes

with 2-3 sticks and comes off. Or the cards are all out of cards… Negative (this is the source of the statistics of the table instead of that card. which we can continue No need to start a new recording)

  1. Cut off stab, place opposite the one that came out. So does this stabbing. Keep stabbing the body until it sticks out 2 times (that is, I’m wrong, 2 eyes) go back and stab the stick instead until it comes off. Attached back, stabbed, continued to fall This is to prevent us from playing the dragon garden
  2. Or I use the word anti-2. The cutter is a set of cards placed by the stick. bust down, lay down (Which will lose is only 2 BANKER or PLAYER cards) Not often used, used in cases where there are dragons and ping-pong cards in the same bar often or 2 small cuts such as BBBBBBBPBPBBPBPPPPPPPP BANKER BANKER confused

BANKER BANKER which will have both dragons and ping pong in the same khon
Caution of anti 2 cut is that 2 cards are cut, the more they stick together, the worse it is. BBPPBBPP….if you find 4 sets, you have to walk up to 8 sticks.

The solution to the 2 cuts is to stop waiting for the stand or stab 2 cuts completely,

for example, BB out, put PLAYER out of PLAYER, which is the next turn, stab PLAYER (BBPP..)

  1. Anti 1-2, many cards often OUT BANKERPLAYER stuck next to each other like BBPPPBPBBBBBBPPPBPBBBBBBPPBBBPBPBBBB….
    Caution of anti 1-2 is the cards that are issued 1-2, such as BANKER BANKER BANKER BANKER…Play the first BANKER. PLAY BANKER OUT PLAYER(BP..) Next digit OUT BANKER OUT PLAYER wrong (BPP..) Next digit PLAYER addict Out of the banker…the more you find many sets It will have to walk 3 sets of high money, may have to BANKER to 9 sticks.

The solution is that if 1-2 is found, turn it into a loose move…to avoid moving high money.

Anti 2 cuts different from Anti 1-2 straight. At anti 2, cut off, get stuck, get stuck, get out, take different stabs immediately, but anti 1-2 will get stuck and get stuck, both BANKER and PLAYER first. Until it came off 2 times, then played a loose one, such as BBBBPPPBBBPPBP…the next one fell off BANKER.
If out BLUE, then play the contact. BBBBPPPBBBPPBPPP…

The advantage of anti 2 cut and anti 1-2 is that you don’t have to be afraid of dragons. or ping pong in the same khon (If we play only one stick There is a chance to park ping pong. or if we only play loose There is a chance to stab the dragon garden)

2. Play formula symbols or DNA formulas that appear to be used in every formula. There are various conditions for obtaining the right and wrong marks, let’s stick to the principle that we will not play the formula directly, but play the right and wrong marks of another formula because, as you know, there is no formula that is best for bacca. hara Every formula can be broken. There are right and wrong. Often the wrong formula is long as a dragon.

Principles of playing formulas Playing formulas of markings It’s like playing cards. Just try BANKER-PLAYER. substitute for the wrong check mark of the formula Then you will get one more card. Try using your imagination. If the wrong check mark is placed in the order of the Big Road score.

play of markers Play like a card. There are 4 types:

1. Stick marks

2. Marks fall off

3. Marks stick-stick, fall off (anti 2 cut)

4. Anti marks 1-2
About playing marks, let’s separate formula to write next time… .It’s long and a lot.


recipes There are many recipes on the market to choose from. Those who have already used the formula What’s good is to play Just ask to try to find a way to record the right and wrong of the formula you use. Then look at the symbols of the formula that you use.

1.Baccarat winner 2.0 because it helps record card scores easily and quickly. The disadvantage is that it can’t be expanded to see only 14 records. If you want to see more, you have to scroll the scoreboard.
It is recommended to use only one table.

2.BaccaratProphet Expandable screen allows viewing up to 40 records without moving the scoreboard.

You may use all other formulas. But I recommend 2 formulas and if you choose to play 2 tables should save each table formula to prevent mistakes If using the same formula will not be confused