Rules and methods of playing Baccarat and Roulette

The number one online casino website like that for various reasons. many that make Online casinos are popular among online gamblers. Part of it comes from the online casinos. There are a variety of betting games to choose from. And it is broadcast live from the gambling table in the real casino. Today, we have taken the example of betting games. is baccarat online and online roulette Let’s leave how the basics are played. As information for those who are interested in playing online casinos. To take it as preliminary knowledge before actually playing. The way online casinos There are many types of bets. But today we have just prepared for appetizers. 2 types before as follows

  1. Baccarat online

Playing baccarat is not difficult to play in that it allows players to choose whether to bet on which side will score more between Banker and Player, most of which are played with a 5% commission deduction, which is the Player side bet. got full But if betting on the Banker side, if winning the bet must pay a commission of 5%, which can choose to place other bets, namely

– bet on the result that both sides are tied If winning the bet will get 8 times

– bet that the Player side will issue a pair of cards, if winning the bet will get 11 times

– bet that the Banker side will issue a pair of cards If you win, your bet will be 11 times.

  1. Online Roulette

Playing online roulette will have a total of 37 slots, which are 0-36, let us choose whether the steel ball will be released that will fall on what number slots. There are ways to place bets as follows.

– Bet on a favorite number. This is the highest-paying method ever. By predicting that in the numbers 0-36, the steel ball will fall on what number, the correct guess will be 36 times

– High-Low / Even-Odd / Red-Black All three of these bets will get only one and If exiting 0, it means that it is a commission

– bets on zones with a total of 3 zones / horizontal row bets Both of these types, if winning, the bet will be 2 times, out 0 is considered a bonus

– betting on numbers with both 2 numbers / 3 numbers / 4 numbers and 6 numbers, which will be 18 times, 12 times, 9 times, and 6 times respectively

Both of these betting games are just a few of them. Available You can study more and apply for membership at the official website online casino You can contact the staff 24 hours a day