Procedure for preparing visa documents for applying for a Schengen visa

For anyone planning a trip to Europe, do your homework and prepare your Schengen วีซ่าติดตามภรรยาไทย documents well early. Because each country has a little detail and difficult interviews are different. Visa applicants should study the website of that country first for the accuracy of information and orderliness in document preparation. So let’s organize the documents and learn how to apply for a Schengen visa from the very beginning.

  1. Fill out the visa application form.

Prepare visa documents can download can be obtained from the website of the embassy in the country you are mainly visiting, such as

  • Embassy of the Czech Republic – Click
  • Consulate of Estonia – Click
  • Embassy of France – Click
  • Embassy of Belgium – Click
  • Embassy of Denmark – Click
  • Embassy of Finland – Click
  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark – Click • Embassy of Finland – Click • Embassy Federal Republic of Germany – Click
  • Embassy of the Republic of Poland – Click
  • Swedish Embassy – Click
  • Embassy of the Netherlands

Preparation of visa documents After filling out the visa application form, documents can be submitted at the embassy. or the organization that handles the documents for the visa application This should be filed no later than 3 months before traveling. and not less than 15 days before departure If we are going to more than 1 country on this trip Submit visa documents from the embassy of the country where we will be staying for the longest time. But if going to each country for only two days then submit documents for a Schengen visa from the first country that we will enter as well


Anyone whose passport is about to expire. Passports should be renewed properly. Because the passport must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of return. And the passport should have at least two blank pages and at least two or more copies should be prepared. Old passports with visas of other countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States should be prepared to show on the day of the interview.

  1. Photo:

Prepare visa documents, 2 photos, size 2 inches, the background color should be white or light, taken no more than 6 months without any photo editing.

  1. Work certificate

Prepare visa documents Work certificate in English and the document is not older than 1 month

  1. Bank certificate

Bank certificate or documents showing the income of the visa applicant for the last 6 months

  1. Collect a copy of the booking documents. And tickets,

whether planes, trains, etc., only use proof of booking, so use a credit card to reserve in advance. Don’t buy it before you get your visa. for change

  1. Detailed itinerary

When preparing a Schengen visa document, it is necessary to record in detail which countries are entering and leaving, which may be written daily, which countries, where they are staying. How to travel in detail

  1. Invitation letter from companies and agencies that clearly state the objectives

or a certificate of family relationship between the inviter and the visa applicant (eg birth certificate or house registration)

  1. Fees

Prepare visa documents There will be a visa fee of approximately 2,500 baht.

  1. Travel Insurance Policy

Preparation of Schengen visa documents is required. reliable travel insurance and has a medical expense coverage of at least 30,000 euros, or about 1,300,000 baht or more, which must cover the entire duration of the trip. For your benefit, you should look for insurance abroad that covers both medical expenses Emergency accidents for traveling abroad Including medical advice 24 hours a day, and covering travel-related coverage such as lost luggage or flight delays as well. You should study the list of insurance companies accepted by each country’s embassy, ​​such as Cigna insurance.

Once all the documents for the Schengen visa have been prepared. The next step is to make an appointment for an interview. The decision of the embassy will be based on the request. supporting documents and interview If your visa is denied The organizer will not be able to refund the fee. The reason for the refusal of a visa maybe

  • The visa applicant does not have a valid travel document.
  • The visa applicant cannot provide documentation proving the reason for the travel.
  • The visa applicant does not have funds to spend during the trip.
  • The applicant intends to avoid entering the country illegally
  • the applicant may be prohibited from entering the Schengen member states. That person may be considered a risk to public order. national security or international relations of some member states