How to play Dragon Tiger?

How to play Dragon Tiger?

How to play Dragon Tiger You can choose to play through the Dragon Tiger website ufa191 or the casino website that opens the Dragon Tiger betting service. which when you sign up until you enter the Dragon Tiger betting room You will then find a table with an online dealer in the middle. (dealer and game operator) with slots for placing bets and past card statistics tables.

The process of betting on Dragon Tiger cards online

When entering the Dragon Tiger betting room You can choose whether to bet at all or sit and watch first to see the cards first

• You can choose which field to bet on. and how many by pressing to select the desired number of chips to choose to place it in the tiger, dragon, tie, or other fields.

• Each turn has a countdown time of approximately 25-50 seconds before the cards are revealed. So look carefully at the countdown time. If there is little time left and still can’t decide. Then wait to place bets in the next round. Because this game is not compulsory to bet every round

• The dealer will deal 1 card for Tiger and Dragon side, 1 card each when the countdown time ends. The cards will be opened. If you place a bet in the right box, you will get the prize rate as specified. But if guessing wrongly, that bet chip will be lost.

For placing bets on either side But if the face of the card is opened, both sides are tied. The game will only deduct half your bet. For example, you choose to bet on the Dragon side at 500 baht, but the cards are always open. The game will deduct 250 baht and return 250 baht to you.

Choose which side to bet with a higher chance of winning?

Dragon Tiger card game calculates RTP (Return to Player) or prize statistics to see which side has a greater chance of winning. Divided into

• Shirts and RTP is 96.27%

• consistent with RTP is 82.17%

• Other Markets are both odd, black, red, high, low RTP is 92.31%

we must conclude that the chances of winning. Of bets on dragons or tigers have the most chance of winning. followed by various betting pairs And the chances of a tie are very infrequent.