How to bet on baccarat online to make money

How to bet on baccarat online to make money

BACCARAT I must say that at present gambling online casino This style is quite popular as ever. because there is an easy way to play And give a very high win rate as well. Usually, Baccarat will give you a high win rate. and has a rather back-and-forth stabbing pattern not fixed in the same position That’s why we created this formula specifically to defeat the dealers. Techniques that will make you more and more money You can use this technique to make money in your pocket. Easy to play, just follow the steps below.


1. Let us deposit money into our bet rollover, for example, aiming to bet 100 per turn. You must have money in the User at least 1,000 – 2,000 baht or more. To be compound money when we lose.



2. Set a daily income target to balance with the amount bet, such as the money in the User 2,000, we should bet 100 per turn and should set a goal of not more than 1,000 baht per day to be good. Top



3. we chose to stab the one side only. Do not alternate stabs. Because the odds of losing and winning bets are 50%, however, we already bet correctly, choose to bet on the banker’s side or the player’s side on either side.



4. Our book has 2,000, aiming for 1,000 to bet 100 in the first eye when we have bet 100 again, but if we lose the bet 100 in the first eye, the next bet will be 2 times immediately, which is 200 if we lose second round again To bring the money that was lost in the first and second rounds added together, then add another 100 to 400 and then use it to bet in the 3rd round, keep on stabbing until the bet wins When we win 1 bet, we get a profit of 100, and then we start to bet 100 more and more. Until the money reaches the target set



5. When we increase in increments of 100 until the goal we set at 1,000 baht, stop playing immediately. because we have to be disciplined Otherwise, it may be lost if greed takes over. and lose the bet