How a newbie walks money

How a newbie walks money

walking money or investing formulas each time is considered an important weapon for players. investors If the investment is not good, the timing is wrong, or the money slips wrong, this means that the capital is lost and the profit is shrinking. The account is completely out of money for sure. For newbies, they may not be able to place bets. Can’t walk money I don’t know what to do Now, we have a formula for walking money to try and use.

Always walk the same money

If we are players online baccarat real new face A very new face like Lv.1. Our first recommendation is You should always walk the same amount of money. For example, if today we plan to play money within a limit of 1,000 baht, we may set the money in each eye for 100 baht, whether it’s gaining or losing, we will always play 100 baht per eye until we get the money we want. Or lose all the capital that we have set up and then stop like this This way of making money may not be flashy, earning money slowly, but for newbies, collecting hours keep playing experience stabbing as much as possible It is more important. take a look at the deck Look at the shape of the cards and then add more money.

Can walk more money when (only)

Now coming to the money walking formula. The next step, if we want to make more money than before. Another technique we recommend is Let us walk more money in case we just got it. The method is that if we bet 100 baht and get another 100 baht to be 200 baht, the next turn we may increase the bet down to 150 baht. Should add all the profitable bets. Now if we get more then add it. But if we don’t, we will fall back to play 100 baht as usual. My advice is not to walk in extra cash when you lose it. Most of them are hot-headed and can’t stand it. The more they walk, the money rolls down in hopes of getting it back. Let me tell you that doing that is even worse.

Walking with small savings

Another formula that we recommend if we are going to walk money to get a lot of capital is. Small money saving, that is, let us move money little by little first in order to accumulate capital. When the desired profits are obtained, they quit. For example, it may stab 100 baht per eye, when the capital grows to 1,000 baht, it may be adjusted to 150, etc.