4 reasons to play, never get money

4 reasons to play baccarat never get money Have you ever wondered that? Why play baccarat online? never got money Like everyone else, he Today I will tell or share a story that many people may have experienced And have been through some things that are the reasons why you play baccarat and not get money or lose money every time

Once you have finished reading this I want you to look back and examine yourself. Then try to adjust to play baccarat to get money, it will be much easier.

4 reasons why playing baccarat has never been paid, divided into 4 topics:

  1. Impatient

This matter of impatient It is caused by many factors. I am not. I have never been impatient. I have to call it very often. But now I’m constantly trying to adjust myself. I’m impatient. Mainly, I will give it in 2 cases. I

want to follow the buffalo.

symptoms of wanting to follow the buffalo caused by we playing and then losing Then I want the money that we lost back. Asking if I just want to get the money that I lost is wrong? I’m not wrong Anyone wanting a refund? including myself But the chance of getting a refund When we’re hot-headed, it’s very difficult. If you want to follow the

buffalo, just wait and calm down. or rest for a while Then everything will be fine accordingly. The story of a buffalo would not be difficult.

Want to get rich quickly.

This is another matter that I have answered to many of you. Small capital, want to be rich, want to have money to spend It’s not wrong that you want to be rich, everyone wants to be rich, but I’ll tell you one thing. that we want to be successful in one area We have to first with time and belief. Huhu, no one plays for a moment. Then I’m rich.

Those people play in a superficial way. Let’s see. After a while, come back and play again and it’s all the same. Is it true because I think that money is easy to get? just add capital It will be more than before. Which is very wrong. Therefore, the way to make us rich from baccarat is to take some time to study it. It’s just like you’re reading my Kawame script right now. You got it right,

2 lazy.

about that laziness It doesn’t get in, anyone out, who’s real, that’s it. Haha. This is true, but in the part where we will play baccarat to get that money. is to work hard on the subject of knowledge About methods, rules, techniques, so that we can understand baccarat seriously, need a little diligence. because there are a lot of details For example, a technique that is written to be read for many articles is enough to help.

Another thing that I would like to share a lot. People who play baccarat are often lazy to think. If anyone has played with me Every time before I put money I’m always thinking about what I’m going to play. how much money If it’s right, how do we continue playing? If wrong, how do we fix it? That is, each round will be played. not

included in the part You must think before choosing a room. What room do we play in? Which room can we play?

Most people only see that they want to play, so they play. Once they enter, they go bankrupt. When they lose, they blame the dealer for cheating, blame some luck, and that’s it, instead of blaming themselves for not being careful.

3. Not being reckless or underestimating

some people who have been playing for a while or playing for many years They tend to think that they are good, even though in fact no one is better than the dealer. This is exactly what we’re talking about. No one knows the cards better than the dealer who stands. to eat our money Must admit that the techniques of many masters that are

used to play Some of them can’t be used depending on the situation. or the form of cards at that time But as I said before The cards keep changing. And if we stop to learn new types of cards That’s it That is, we lost to the dealer without a trace. because the dealer Always find a technique new strategies Come to take the money out of our pocket.

Baccarat is endless learning and understanding of cards. We have to adjust ourselves to the current situation. card format at that time how to play how to walk money This is very important The formula we play today Tomorrow may play and lose money. Articles that I write techniques on this website in the next 1 month may or may not be

effective, who knows. I tried to explain to anyone who understands the true Baccarat Formula no fixed classes that are not meaningless either

4 or greedy enough

you do not have to say much. Everyone knows what it is. and do not have to explain much to hold on but knowing but still greedy Including myself, that greed, if we are to be extinguished according to the teachings of the Lord Buddha, has 3 levels :


greed, moderate

greed, subtle greed.

The meaning of the 3 levels of greed, try to search in Google for yourself. I personally To be greedy in detail is to
greedy without knowing the meat. For example, asking for another stick will be enough to stop. Like that, this kind of word for me is very scary. from positive sleep Finally delete all the ass section of this topic Anyway, let’s try to consider how to fix it yourself. because I just told you definitely don’t follow